Click to enlargeCordial Style Wine Trio - Sold Out!

Our three New Cordial Style Wines are Bella Cranberry, Loganberry Dream and Stella Raspberry.

...Bella Cranberry is a rare treat with the aroma and essence of fresh cranberries. ...Loganberry Dream is intense and full bodied, capturing the essence of fresh loganberries. ...Stella Raspberry is full bodied with rich flavors of fresh pressed raspberries.

These aromatic wines are full bodied with an intense fresh fruit taste. The beautiful deep blue 375ml bottle makes it a perfect choice for that special occasion. Purchase one each of these wines and receive a 10% discount.

Regular price is $17.10 per bottle, only $51.28 when you purchase three bottles, one of each wine.

Note: We will ship the most current wine vintages.

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