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Hoodsport Winery and Bremerton artist Amy Burnett magically combine a bold image and a unique wine to commemorate the colorful history of Island Belle.

Island Belle was "discovered" on tiny Stretch Island at the turn of the century by Adam Eckert. It became the most widely planted grape in Puget Sound basin and was a foundation for the first grape juice plants. The first wines in Washington State, at the end of prohibition, were made with Island Belle.

Hoodsport Winery is one mile south of Hoodsport, Washington along scenic Highway 101. We continue to produce this historic wine from Island Belle grapes grown exclusively in the picturesque vineyards on Stretch Island. The island is home to the oldest continuous vineyard in western Washington. These vines, over a century old, were planted in 1872 by pioneer Lambert Evans. The withered green, gold and yellow vines grow fat and low along the ground bearing blue-black grape clusters.

Island Belle wine echoes the setting. Its color and vibrant pink-red like an October sunset. The delicate flavors of fresh raspberries and wild cherries are reminiscent of the vineyards where a gentle breeze from Puget Sound wafts amongst the grape vines.

Note: We will ship the most current wine vintages.

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